Why Buddhism, a religion of tolerance, is falling prey to hate speech

By Desmond Ng, CNA, 9 Feb 2017

“The politics of fear overrules wisdom or compassion” in Buddhist-majority countries where anger against minorities is rising, note panellists on the programme Between The Lines.

BANGKOK, Thailand
-- The rise of hate speech in Buddhist-majority countries like Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka is of grave concern and something that states should tackle, according to a noted Thai Buddhist intellectual, because of the danger it poses.  More

Gelek Rimpoche's Cremation & Relic Ceremony with Kyabje Demo Rinpoche  LATEST
The Buddhist Channel, Feb 18, 2017

Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
--  Gelek Rimpoche, founder and spiritual director of Jewel Heart International passed away Wednesday at 6 am. He was 77. Rimpoche was a lama in the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and author of "Good Life, Good Death".  More=

Buddhist signs point wrong way

by ANDREW BIGGS, The Bangkok Post, 12 Feb 2017

Thought police are doing Thailand's religion no favours with their intrusive false advertising aimed at tourists

Bangkok, Thailand
-- The billboard rises, like a Buddhist temple, up ahead on the right-hand side of the airport highway.  More

A soldier-turned-Buddhist Monk on mission to spread ‘Mahakaruna’
by Rajendra Diwe, The Hitavada, 13 Feb 2017

Ladakh, India -- ‘Peace keeping force’ is the joke of century. Peace can’t be achieved with any force, but unconditional love, great compassion and tolerance can bring peace.  More

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