The Seventeen Pandits of Nalanda Monastery

by James Blumenthal, Info-Buddhism.com, Oct 8, 2015

Much controversy has been stirred with the establishment of the "new" Nalanda University in Bihar, India. Heavily criticized for neglecting Buddhism, just how much of it has been diverted from the original Nalanda U? Prof James Blumenthal gives a run down on the luminaries that made the original Nalanda one of the greatest learning center in the world.

Oregon, USA -- Nalanda Monastic University was the greatest center of Buddhist learning in India’s glorious past. With upwards of 30,000 monks and nuns including 2,000 teachers living, studying and practicing there during its heyday, Nalanda was unmatched.  More

Myanmar's Ma Ba Tha monks flex their political muscle

By Jonah Fisher, BBC News, 8 October 2015

Yangon, Myanmar -- The most powerful political force in Myanmar's election has no candidates and will win no seats. But when the monks of the Ma Ba Tha speak, politicians listen.  More

Borobudur Planned to be Mecca for Buddhists

Tempo, 4 October, 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia -- Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Rizal Ramli said that he would make the Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, to become the main tour destination for Buddhists from around the world.  More

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