Mind-Body Connection During Meditation Can Now Be Measured, Thanks To Science

by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, June 3, 2017

Hong Kong, China
-- There are some “scientists” out there who believe that the mind-body connection is complete pseudoscience. This is very strange, especially given the fact that countless peer-reviewed studies published by many reputable scientists and institutions have shown a direct connection between our mind and our body.  More

INEB to organize "Awakening Leadership Training Program"

The Buddhist Channel, June 16, 2017

"Education needs to be re-envisioned to include the cultivation of wisdom, as well as learning to live in society and overcoming oppression and exploitation. For education to be more effective, it has to be dialogical, inclusive, and compassionate, and needs to heal the rift between body and mind... Buddhist education begins with humanity’s ultimate questions: What is the meaning of  life?  What  is  our  own  deepest  nature?  What  is  our  responsibility  to  others?  Buddhism  does  not  separate  life  from education" -- Sulak Sivaraksa

Bangkok, Thailand
-- The INEB Institute in collaboration with Ecovillage Transition Asia will be organizing a 5-month "Awakening Leadership Training Program" program for committed social change workers.  More

Thailand: Full disclosure on the menu for temples
The Bangkok Post, 16 Jun 2017

Bangkok, Thailand -- The government will propose a law to force its tens of thousands of Buddhist temples to declare their finances, the head of the National Office of Buddhism told Reuters.  More

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