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Maharashtra: Nallasopara Buddhist stupa proves it was once hotbed of Buddhism

by Karan Hiranandani, The India Express, June 26, 2016

Mumbai, India -- Inside an obscure protected site in Nallasopara that has been forgotten by the government as well lies a Buddhist stupa, which is evidence to the fact that Sopara or Shurparka, as it is known as historically, was the hotbed of Buddhism back in the day.


Endangered Buddhist Temple Preserved for Posterity With VR Tech

By Barbara Eldredge, Curbed, Jul 1, 2016

The high-tech preservationsts at CyArk digitally captured this cultural treasure
Teipei, Taiwan
-- The Hall of the Five Gates in Taiwan’s Lukang Longshan Temple is a mind-blowing work of architecture and religious devotion, featuring an intricately painted spider-web ceiling and granite columns carved with some of Taiwan’s most famous dragon designs.


Bagan builders ‘destroying Bhuddists’ medieval pagodas

by Richard Lloyd Parry, The Times, June 28, 2016

Bagan, Myanmar -- Experts report that more than 600 pagodas at the 10,300ha Bagan complex have been damaged by unqualified builders.


Ancient Buddhist site found in Amaravati

by P. Sujatha Varma, The Hindu, May 18, 2016

Amaravati, India -- A clue given by residents of Vaikunthapuram, located in the Amaravati region, led veteran archaeologist E. Siva Nagi Reddy to the remains of a 1st Century B.C. Buddhist site atop a hill in the village.


Buddhist-era lamps found near Indo-Pak border

TNN, May 13, 2016

Amritsar, India -- Earthen lamps dating back to Gautam Buddha's era were found by a villager near the India-Pakistan border in Amritsar district. Balwinder Singh, a resident of Bahadurnagar village situated on the border, found three earthen lamps from a mound.


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