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Buddhist masterpieces on display for holiday

BY YIM SEUNG-HYE, Korea Joong Ang Daily, May 12,2016

Seoul, South Korea -- On Monday, a giant scroll painting of a Buddha that is said to “listen to prayers for rain,” according to the chief monk Seodam of Bukjangsa Temple in North Gyeongsang, was hung in the Buddhist Painting Hall on the second floor of the National Museum of Korea in central Seoul.


South Korea unsure whether stolen Buddhist statue was previously plundered: broadcaster

Yonhap News, Apr 11, 2016

TOKYO, Japan -- South Korea finds it difficult to determine conclusively that an ancient Buddhist statue stolen from a Japanese temple was illegally brought to Japan, although it is highly likely for the statue to have been previously plundered by Japanese pirate raiders, a Japanese broadcaster reported Monday.


Canadian explores Korean Buddhist temples

By Jon Dunbar, The Korea Times, Feb 2, 2016

Seoul, South Korea -- Canadian writer Dale Quarrington published this month his second book on Buddhist temples around Korea. Titled "Korean Temples: Art, Architure and History," it spotlights the nation's 25 most significant temples across all nine provinces.


Goryeo Buddhist artifacts named national treasures

By Lee Woo-young, The Korea Herald, Jan 7, 2016

Seoul, South Korea -- Buddhist paintings from the Goryeo Dynasty and scriptures with outstanding historical and artistic values have been named National Treasures, the Cultural Heritage Administration said Thursday.


The Tripitaka Koreana meets Colour Therapy

by Emi Hailey Hayakawa, BTN , March 9, 2015

Seoul, South Korea -- Like birthday cakes, and juice boxes, colouring books aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, publishers have lately been launching coloring books specifically for adults as it turns out colouring can be beneficial for adults -- namely for its de-stressing power.


South Korea's Rapping Nuns Lay It Down At Buddhist Prayer Competition

By Antonia Blumberg, The Huffington PostJul 18, 2014

Seoul, South Korea -- In case you needed any more reason to believe that nuns are the coolest people (and this, this and this didn't convince you) then look no further. South Korea has some amazing Buddhist nuns ready to win your heart -- and they can rap like no one's business.


Buddhist scriptures festival draws over 80,000 visitors

Yonhap News, Sept 30, 2013

CHANGWON, South Korea -- South Korea's only Buddhist cultural festival themed on "Tripitaka Koreana" has attracted more than 80,000 visitors in the first three days of opening this year, the event's organizers said Monday.


International forum on ancient Buddhist texts due in Seoul

Yonhap News, Aug 29, 2013

SEOUL, South Korea -- An international conference will be held next week in Seoul to discuss and promote the historic value of the Tripitaka Koreana, one of the world's oldest Buddhist scriptures, organizers said Thursday.


Buddhist painting of Joseon returns home from Japan

Donga.com, May 28, 2013

Seoul, South Korea -- The Buddhist scripture Beophwagyeong (the Sutra of the Lotus) said, "The path toward Buddha is open to everyone." To spread this lesson, Buddha must have wandered around the world accompanied by Buddhist saints and his disciples. A Buddhist painting from the Joseon Dynasty that was kept overseas has returned home in about 420 years.


Buddhist art through the Chinese dynasties

by Lucien de Guise, New Straits Times, May 26, 2013

AS China’s new premier trots the globe, or at least India, it is an opportune moment to look at the other cultural phenomena that the Middle Kingdom has unleashed upon the world.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- For many decades of the late 20th Century, it was tomb figures. Whether they were horses, camels or courtesans, these earthenware mouldings showed what China had to offer in three dimensions for viewers who couldn’t feel a connection with a ceramic bowl or a bronze altar accessory.


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