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A night as a Buddhist monk in Koyasan

by Richard Pennick, Yahoo News, February 1, 2016

Richard Pennick stays in an historic centre of Shingon Buddhism

Koyasan, Japan -- It is a place of tranquil beauty. Moss-covered tombs and headstones lean at odd angles, tilted by intruding roots. A forest of giant cedars has grown up over the centuries around the stone memorials. I am walking through the ancient Okunoin Cemetery.


Chatral Sangye Rinpoche's passing a deep loss for Buddhism

by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse, The Buddhist Channel, Jan 7, 2015

Himachal Pradesh, India -- The passing of Chatral Sangye Rinpoche marks the end of an era. Suddenly we have lost a sentry who was zealously guarding the Buddhadharma in general, the Vajrayana in particular, and especially Tibetan Buddhism and the Nyingma lineage.


The Benefits of Saving Lives

by Chatral Rinpoche, Lotsawa House, Jan 6, 2015

I bow down before the Lama, Buddha Amitayus,
And the bodhisattvas in training.
I shall now in brief describe the benefits
Of freeing animals and ransoming their lives.


A Simple New Year Wish

by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, The Buddhist Channel, Jan 5, 2016

Famed Lama implores everyone to make a sincere wish to have Buddhadharma flourish and remain in this samsara

Himachal Pradesh, India -- World renowned Lama and film maker Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche in his new year message has implored Buddhists to simply "... want Buddhadharma to flourish and remain in this samsara".


A Buddhist refuge for those released from prison

by Clare Becker, The Hanover Evening Sun, Dec 28, 2015

Bodhi House takes in former prisoners at their most vulnerable moment.

GETTYSBURG, PA (USA) -- From the road, it's a scene like many others in rural Adams County. A white farmhouse set back in the trees. Weather-beaten barn. A dog in the yard lifts its head at the sound of an approaching vehicle.


Thubten Chodron: Life is like sowing seeds, not in our control

by Sunitha Rao R,TNN | Dec 16, 2015

BENGALURU, India -- "Life is like sprinkling seeds. You don't know which ones will blossom into beautiful flowers, as their growth depends on factors like soil and water.That's beyond one's control."


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