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What Makes a Buddhist a Buddhist?

by Steven Schwartzberg, The Huffington Post, Nov 17, 2015

San Francisco, C A (USA) -- Here's an old Jewish joke: Stan has been shipwrecked on a desert island for decades. One day he is rescued. Before leaving the island, he shows the rescuer how he spent his years alone: Building a main street with several huts, each with a different purpose.


Buddhist nuns set to become first generation of 'dons'

IANS, Nov 17, 2015

Dharamsala, India -- Nearly three years ago the globetrotting elderly Buddhist monk the Dalai Lama came out with a perfect prescription for the first time in history to empower the nuns. His decision encouraged them to take up doctorates in philosophy. The first batch of 20 Buddhist nuns is set to become the first generation of women professors in the Tibetan tradition.


These Zen Buddhist Koans Will Open Your Mind

by Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post, Oct 31, 2015

"Out of nowhere the mind comes forth."

San Francisco, CA (USA) -- A koan is a riddle or puzzle that Zen Buddhists use during meditation to help them unravel greater truths about the world and about themselves.


Early Buddhist Paths that Lead to Liberation

by Josh Korda, The Huffington Post, Oct 20, 2015

San Francisco, CA (USA) -- In the Buddhist practice awakening, or sambodhi (in pali), is the achievement of inner peace that sustains itself regardless of conditions beyond our control. In verse 154 of the great dhammapada, when the Buddha announces his awakening, he refers to lasting happiness as 'the unconditioned.'


Fighting World Hunger The Buddhist Way: Walk to Feed the Hungry with Buddhist Global Relief

by Shelby Pope, KQED Food, October 9, 2015

San Francisco, CA (USA) -- In 2007, Bhikkhu Bodhi was disenchanted with a growing trend he saw in the American Buddhism community. The Theravada Buddhist monk, the author of several influential translations of Buddhist texts, was happy that Buddhism was growing and becoming popular in the US, but he was troubled with what he saw as the community’s emphasis on self-fulfillment at the expense of empathy for the greater world–Buddhism in a vacuum, essentially.


Are Your Blessings Going Up In Smoke?

by Shen Shi'an, the Buddhist Channel, Oct 5, 2015

The lay Buddhist precepts are
encouraged for all to uphold always,
especially in times being tempted,
by greed, hatred and delusion.
  - Stonepeace


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