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7 minutes of this Loving Kindness Meditation can reduce racism

Agencies, Nov 23, 2015

New Delhi, India -- All you need is just 7 minutes of meditation to fight racism a new study has revealed.


NIMHANS to research on Buddhist meditation

by Afshan Yasmeen, The Hindu, October 26, 2015

Team seeks guidance of spiritual leader the Dalai Lama

New Delhi, India -- While studies have highlighted that yoga and meditation can bring structural changes responsible for calming emotions, better memory and lower stress, the focus is now on “mindfulness meditation”.


Mindfulness in the mainstream: an old solution to modern problems

by Robert Booth, The Guardian, 20 October 2015

Leading mindfulness expert Mark Williams will brief MPs on how meditation could drastically improve the UK’s wellbeing and productivity

London, UK - The Attlee Room in parliament will fall quiet on Tuesday to hear one of the country’s leading meditation teachers explain the basics of the 2,400-year-old tradition of mindfulness.


Cancer patient's tumours shrink on vegan diet and Buddhist meditation

by Mark Sharp, SCMP, 2 October, 2015

Free treatment at temple in Vietnam has given a stage-four liver cancer patient - one whose cancer can spread rapidly - a good chance of making a full recovery, as son-in-law will tell a Hong Kong audience this month

Hong Kong, China -- Global spending on cancer treatment crossed the US$100 billion threshold for the first time last year, which was cause for celebration among pharmaceuticals companies. It was hardly good news for cancer sufferers though, as about eight million people still die from the disease every year, the World Health Organisation says.


Neuroscience backs up the Buddhist belief that “the self” isn’t constant, but ever-changing

by Olivia Goldhill, Quartz, September 20, 2015

While you may not remember life as a toddler, you most likely believe that your selfhood then - your essential being - was intrinsically the same as it is today. Buddhists, though, suggest that this is just an illusion - a philosophy that’s increasingly supported by scientific research.


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