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Donor List for August 2006

We would like to thank the following for helping us to sustain for the month of August 2006. Our deep appreciation for your gracious "dana" and support:

Date Name


Transaction Fees
Aug.29, 2006 Tan ML 200 RM  
Aug.23, 2006 Sukhi Hotu 300 RM  
Aug.23, 2006 Lee Lee Kim 1,000 RM  
Aug.21, 2006 Eddie Tan SL 1,000 RM  
Aug.17, 2006 Sophia Fotopoulou 30.00 USD 1.47 USD
Aug.16, 2006 Yee Yean Lim 2.00 USD 0.37 USD
Aug. 10, 2006  Hoon                20.00 RM  
Aug. 09, 2006 Chua Ai Joo 100.00 RM  
Aug. 09, 2006  Dayani Lee

200.00 RM

Aug. 08, 2006  Yeoh Seng Hock                100.00 RM  
Aug. 08, 2006  Roxanne Loo             200.00 RM  
Aug. 07, 2006  Yap Wai Ming / Chew Pei Fang                10,000.00 RM  
Aug. 07, 2006 Devotees from Ipoh Garden 70.00 RM  

Total to date

RM 13,190.00  
     US$ 32.00 US$ 1.84

We would like to thank you for helping us to sustain the Buddhist Channel on a daily basis. Our estimated monthly expenses amounts to US$ 3,860.00.

Please help us to keep going. Thank you for your support.

By the merit of your generosity, may the Blessings of the Buddha Dharma ever guide and protect you and your loved ones.

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