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Donor list for October 2006

 We would like to thank the following for helping us to sustain for the month of October 2006. Our deep appreciation for your gracious "dana" and support. However, in memory of the late Ven. Dr K Sri Dhammananda, we have decided to channel all the funds to reprint his last book, "Where is the Buddha".



Transaction Fees
Jose Manuel Gonzalez USD 25.00 USD 1.28
Warsono Widjaja USD 20.00 USD 1.08
Roland A Krauss USD 10.00 USD 0.69
Maurizio Bevilacqua USD 10.00 USD 0.69
Wee Lee Ng USD 5.00 USD 0.50
Valentina Brandon USD 25.00 USD 1.28
Yau Siew De USD 50.00 USD 2.25
Agnes Ong USD 15.00 USD 0.89
Agnes Ong USD 15.00 USD 0.89
In memory of the late Mr Michael
Chan Yew Kheng
RM 300.00  
Deric, Wendy and Justin Chi RM 100.00  
Messengers of Dharma - Nancy Peng RM 100.00  
Messengers of Dharma - Cedric Tan RM 100.00  
Messengers of Dharma - Simon Tan RM 50.00  
Chua Ching Kiat & Pei Ping RM 20.00  
Chua Siew Choo RM 10.00  
Long Huay Chen RM 10.00  
Joo Ring RM 10.00  
Lim Choon Leng & Family RM 20.00  
Chong Boo Eik RM 20.00  
Geraldine Chan RM 10.00  
Ong Boon Leng & Chan Kim Hong RM 50.00  
Tan Wee Hoon S$ 30.00  
Chow Siew Lin RM 100.00  
Hoo Kuang Shan RM 100.00  
Susan Leung RM 200.00  
Khemma USD 100.00  
Anonymous RM 500.00  
Anonymous RM 1,000.00  
Choo Siew Hwa S$ 10.00  
Kang Yap Pang S$ 10.00  
Kang Tien Kuan S$ 10.00  
Kang Yan Lin S$ 10.00  
Ng Poh Heng & Family RM 115.00  
Chan Yee Fun RM 100.00  
Foo Chee Hai USD 20.00 USD 1.08
Calvin Ong Eng Ann USD 108.00 USD 4.51
Hai Jong Chong USD 40.00 USD 1.86
Sing Tay USD 20.00 USD 1.08
Edain O'Donnell USD 30.00 USD 1.47
Anonymous USD 100.00 USD 4.20
Metta RM 1,000.00  
Robert Hanson USD 10.00 USD 0.69
Lewis Liew USD 20.00 USD 1.08
Min Tat Wong USD 10.00 USD 0.69
Wong Yoke Khien USD 30.00 USD 1.47
A Chan USD 50.00 USD 2.25
Peter Gehrmann USD 15.00 USD 0.89
Tony Low USD 50.00 USD 2.25
Isaac Ho USD 50.00 USD 2.25
Paul Cummins USD 20.00 USD 1.08
Hassina Leelarathna USD 25.00 USD 1.28
Tan HL RM 300.00  
Chan Sau Kheng RM 50.00  

Total to date

RM 4,265.00  
  S$ 70.00  
   USD 883.00 US$ 38.66

Thank you for helping us to defray some of the cost in distributing the last book written by the late Chief Venerable K Sri Dhammananda.

By the merit of your generosity, may the Blessings of the Buddha Dharma ever guide and protect you and your loved ones.

If you wish to support this project, please click on the donation button:

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