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The end of Buddhism in Asia?

by Christian Thomas Kohl, Germany, Nov 19, 2016

How can Buddhism disappear in Asia? The Chinese government was not able to destroy Tibetan Buddhism from the outside. But destruction from within, the  probability is higher.

To do this, you just need to transform Buddhism from a religion of liberation from this world into a mix between a comedy and a bloody tragedy. This is happening in Myanmar today. Sitagu Sayadaw, a monk and a so called Buddhist leader of Myanmar encourages the army of Myanmar to continue the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Rohingya national minority.

And he decorates his killing instinct with some so called Buddhis stories from Sri Lanka. He is transforming Buddhism from inside. From a peaceful way of liberation to a criminal gang.

This is the end of Buddhism in Asia, step by step. This is not happening in one month or one year. No, like a poison it is happening slowly, year by year. But the patient has got his poison from Sitagu Sayadaw and some other leading monks.

Don't argue: But Myanmar and Sri Lanka represent Theravada Buddhism only. They do not represent Mahayana Buddhism of China, Tibet, Mongolia etc. Who cares about the different schools of Buddhism?

In Myanmar the army rapes little children. In the name of the Lord Buddha a complete genocide is done against Rohingya. This is the end of Buddhism in Asia. Buddhism will be considered as a criminal gang of disguised monks like Sitagu Sayadaw by the entire world.

People will deride the Lord Buddha Sakyamuni, who is dragged through the dirt with the horrible ideas of Sitagu Sayadaw.

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