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Emergency appeal from Malaysian Buddhist Organizations

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 27, 2004

The following Malaysian Buddhist organizations are mobilizing efforts to help victims of the Asian Tsunami Disaster. Please do offer your assistance to those in need.

Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA)

The Subang Jaya Buddhist Association (SJBA) is establishing an emergency
centre to oraganize collection of donation and other materials to help victims of the Tsunami disaster which had struck the northern coastal regions of Malaysia.

SJBA is donating RM5,000 to buy essential items for the Tsunami victims. Those who know of any wholesalers who can sell essential items to SJBA at a low price, please contact Bro. James Khoo of SJBA (03-5634 8181). Bro. Lim Hee Chay, who runs a import/export business, has agreed to use his lorry/lorries to transport donated items to Penang/Kedah.

Please send your items (food stuff, clothes, bed sheets, towels, etc) to SJBA immediately

Subang Jaya Buddhist Association
Jalan Kewajipan, SS13, 47500 Subang Jaya, Malaysia.
Sis Lily Low, SJBA administrator, tel: 03-56315299, Fax: 56315262


Buddhist Maha Vihara Tsunami Relief

It is with great sadness and also urgency that I have directed the set-up of the ?Buddhist Maha Vihara Tsunami Relief? after the devastating effect of an earthquake and the resulting tsunami. We are mobilizing all our available resources to assist the victims of the natural disaster.

We are appealing to you to provide any form of aid, which we assure you will be used to alleviate the suffering of the victims of the tsunami.

We have contacted and are contacting the embassies of the countries affected by the tsunami. We are initiating the following immediately:

- A relief fund (all cheques to be written to ?Buddhist Maha Vihara?. Please indicate Tsunami Relief Fund at the back of the cheque)
- An old clothes collection center in Buddhist Maha Vihara
- A medical aid collection center in Buddhist Maha Vihara
- Toiletries
- A food collection center (dry and canned food only) in Buddhist Maha Vihara

The 1st container is expected to leave the Buddhist Maha Vihara on Friday, 31st December 2004.

We trust you will endeavour to assist the victims of this natural disaster, and May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be upon you and your family.

Yours in the Dhamma,

K Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Maha Thera
Chief Venerable of Malaysia and Singapore


Bandar Utama Buddhist Society

Bandar Utama Buddhist Society is responding to the Tsunami disaster by
collecting aid in the form of food and clothing for dispatch to the victims of the recent disaster. This effort is jointly coordinated with other local Buddhist organisations and the aid will be directed to the countries that most require them.

Members are requested to donate the
following items:

1. Clothing - these must be clean and properly packed and folded. No underwear please.
2. Blankets
3. Food items, such as rice, biscuits, milk powder, sugar, dried food etc.

Make sure these are properly packed and there is no leakage of items. Please do not donate liquids such as oil, juices, or canned food (which tend to be heavy, but insubstantial).

Members are requested to bring these items to BUBS Centre (2nd house - kitchen area) on Sunday morning, 2 January 2005. Please note that at the moment, we are not collecting any financial contributions for this relief effort. We also require packing materials such as cardboard boxes and bags and volunteers to sort and pack the donated items.

If you require further info, please contact Raymond Tang (raytang@pc.jaring.my, 012-2222338).

If this mail is forwarded, please note that you can obtain a map and address of BUBS Centre at http://www.parami.org/bubs/mappage.htm

Thank you for your compassion and meritorious actions. May the Three
Jewels keep us safe always.

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