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Emergency appeal from Sarvodaya

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 27, 2004

As you may already aware we have faced the worse disaster of our life time. According to available sources 15,000 have already been dead due to the tidal wave. Over one million people including women and children are homeless.

At Sarvodaya we are working round the clock in all affected areas to help those innocent victims. We have set up a special unit at our head quarters and five other centers around the country to handle this mammoth operation.

We plead for help from you.

Whatever you can do to help save these victims please contact our 24 hour help lines.

+94 785 107 107 (Krishna)
+94 7222 44690 (Vinya)
+94 777 899 196 – General +94112 655 255 - +94112 655 125 - +94112 655125
Fax +94112 656512

Or email for more details
- ssmplan@sri.lanka.net
- Krishna@itmin.net
- nirvana@sltnet.lk
- arisar@sltnet.lk

Please help us to help the needy at this sorrowful moment in the history of this country.

With the blessings of the Triple Gem,

Yours affectionately
Dr. A T Ariyaratne
Founder – President
Sarvodaya Movement
Sarvodaya HQ
#98, Rawatawatta Road,
Sri Lanka

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