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Colombo Regency Club Humanitarian Appeal

by Pramitha B. Kodagoda, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 28, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Members of the Colombo Regency Club is making arrangements to support a group of friends (who are part of the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency), who have dedicated themselves to help the victims in very remote areas.

The group have already left Colombo with almost 35 doctors to some of the effected areas and have also sent lorry loads of clothes and provisions to some of the effected areas.

They have found that the aftermath is going to be worse than what it is because of the diarrhoea situation and health hazards that are going to arise in the near future and have requested contributions of the following medicines : Paracetamol, Amoxycillin Capsule / Syrup, And Jeevani.

In Most of the areas people are heavily injured and hence they also require bandages, plasters, gauze, betadine, soframicin cream, detol and cotton wool.

Apart from the medicines you could also contribute whatever you can in the form of clothing, blankets and grocery supplies.

The club is collecting these items at:

The PAVILION restaurant
next to SLFI & Royal Sports Complex
100/10 Independence avenue
Colombo 7
Or Contact Kishore Reddy on 0714563333.

If you could organise relief supplies in your area we will send in a vehicle and pick up the goods.

>From 11:00 am onwards till 12:00 Midnight

Members of the public are advise to drop in at their convenience and contribute whatever they can.

" STRICTLY NO CASH DONATIONS PLEASE " we are not collecting cash donations and those wishing to contribute in the form of cash may do so directly with the relief fund set up by the government.

You can for sure save someones life by forwarding this mail to all your friends and requesting them to contribute whatever they can.

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