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Karuna Lanka appeals for Humanitarian Relief

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 30, 2004

Karuna Trust is collecting funds to send to bring relief to the victims of the tsunami at a time of National disaster has been declared. These funds will be used to buy whatever necessary according to the requiremens at the ground Zero.

Two third (2/3) of the coastline is hit hardest while 1 in every 20 people in this Island with 20 million population has been homeless. Please make your donation by clicking the link button.


We have just launched a program to help those, who have lost their homes. It is estimated around 10,000 homes being badly damaged. Most of those are homes of poor fishermen, who know nothing about insurance. It is estimated to cost around $1000 to $1500 to build a basic house. So please ask people you know and would like to help in this matter. We encourage you to get together and share a house for a family in need. We will send the updates and pictures of the family as we progress.

Alternatively you can wire funds to:

Account Number : 54926
Bank of Ceylon
Sri Lanka

Account Holder:
No. 67, U.D.A. Industrial Estate
Katuwana Road
Sri Lanka
Postal Code: 10200

email: helplanka@karunalanka.org

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