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Tracing Family and Friends


The Thai government has set up hotlines for relatives to find information about family members in the affected areas.

Phuket: +66-7621-6101 and +66-7621-1001
Phang Nga: +66-7641-1525 and +66-7641-1179
Krabi: +66-7561-1302 and +66-7652-4161
Trang: +66-7521-4382
Satun: +66-7472-2121 and +66-7472-2296
Ranong: +66-7781-3401 and +66-7782-3257

Relatives can also contact the Thai foreign ministry's information center at +66-2-643-5000 or by fax at +66-2-643-5256.

You may find who you're looking for on Thai hospital Web sites. The hospitals in Phuket and Krabi have put the names of their patients online on the links given below.

On the Phuket Disaster Message Board Web site link below, you can leave messages for missing family members, and people in South Asia can post messages for their families and friends.

Sri Lanka

Check Sri Lanka tourist board's English language Web site below for up-to-date information from hospitals, police and air carriers. You can reach their 24-hour hotline at +94-11-2437 061.

International Red Cross

You can also contact your national chapter of the International Red Cross or consult the Red Cross Family Links Web site below for help in tracing family members.

German Foreign Ministry

Family and friends of German tourists traveling in South Asia can dial the German foreign ministry's hotline at +49 (0)30-5000-1000 to get more information on the situation.

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