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Buddhist temple donates to tsunami-hit countries

Xinhuanet, Jan 1, 2004

ZHENGZHOU, China -- The Shaolin Temple, one of China's most prestigious places of worship for Buddhists, concluded the year of 2004 with both prayers and donations to victims in the tsunami-ravaged countries in South Asia amid resonant tolling of its giant bells.

On behalf of the Shaolin Temple, Abbot Shi Yongxin donated 400,000 yuan (about 48,000 US dollars) to killer-wave affected countries through the Buddhist Association of China on Friday.

"The Indian Ocean tsunami is a disaster for all mankind, we deplore the tremendous losses it brought to people's lives and property," the abbot said after the donation.

"In line with our religious belief, we, through our generous deeds, are calling upon people from all walks of life to extend a helping hand to those in need, and cherish the Mother Nature and take good care of her," he said.

Since the tsunami outbreak, monks in the Shaolin Temple have been holding meetings to pray for the dead to rest in peace and the survivors to be from diseases and hunger.

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