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Rs. 300,000 (US$ 7,900) each for repairs to damaged 43 Buddhist temples

Lanka Daily News, Jan 6, 2005

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Minister of Buddha Sasana, Public Security, Law and Order Ratnasiri Wickremanayake has directed that Rs. 300,000 be released for repairs to each of 43 Buddhist Temples damaged due to the tsunami disaster.

Most of the damaged temples are located in Hambantota, Matara, Galle and Kalutara Districts.

Of the sum to be allocated to each temple Rs. 25,000 is to be allocated for purchase of furniture and other items destroyed and the rest to be used for reconstruction of the buildings.

The funds to the temples will be channelled through the respective Sasana Arakshaka Bala Mandalayas and part of the funds had already been allocated to the Temple according to the Secretary of the Ministry of Buddha Sasana D.W. Abeywickrema.

It has been found that none of the Buddha Statues of the affected temples has been damaged by the tsunami.

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