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Buddhist Fellowship volunteers head for Sri Lanka with relief supplies

By Rita Zahara, Channel NewsAsia, Jan 8, 2005

SINGAPORE -- A team of six volunteers from the Buddhist Fellowship and Brahm Education Centre will be leaving for Sri Lanka on Friday for a four-day humanitarian mission.

They will be bringing medical supplies and necessities requested by their counterparts in Sri Lanka.

These include crutches, surgical masks, biscuits, slippers, towels and even undergarments.

Dr Malcolm Mah, a volunteer, said: "As a medical doctor, I thought it might be a good thing for me to actually go over there physically, to help out in any way I can, so what I am trying to do is at the last minute, gather as many medical supplies as I can from friends and from other clinics around my area."

Mrs Angie Monksfield, Vice President (Public Affairs) of Buddhist Fellowship, said: "We are able to coincide with a forum organised by the All-Ceylon Buddhists Congress, and they have called together people who are very interested and keen to deal with the orphans problem in Sri Lanka.

"As you know, with the number of parents having died and also orphanages that have been damaged, there are many children who are homeless and unprotected at the moment."

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