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Japanese Buddhists to rebuild temples

by Malmi Sellahannadi, Lanka Daily News, Jan 29, 2005

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Around 79 temples have been destroyed by the tsunami disaster, Minister of Buddha Sasana Ratnasiri Wickremanayake said yesterday.

The Honganji Foundation of Japan yesterday pledged to provide assistance to reconstruct Buddhist temples destroyed by the tsunami disaster. Ven. Sanshige Otani Thera of the Foundation told Minister Wickremanayake that they would take all possible steps to rebuild the temples.

Ven. Akihiro Taino Thera, Ven. Mottunne Angeerasa Thera and two members of the Foundation will visit the Southern province to inspect the damage caused to temples.

Representatives of the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and the Japanese Embassy will join them. "We will join hands to rebuild the temples destroyed by the tsunami in Sri Lanka," said Ven. Otani Thera.

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