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Rs. 19 lakhs to rebuild damaged Buddhist temples

Lanka Daily News, Feb 18, 2005

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- The Chairman of the Buddhist Philanthropic Association in Manila Anthony Ching Bing Yong handed over a sum of Rs. 19 lakhs to the Minister of Buddha Sasana, Public Security, Law and Order and Deputy Minister of Defence Ratnasiri Wickramanayake towards the repair and renovation of several Buddhist temples damaged due to the tsunami disaster.

Yong said he was moved and distressed on seeing the extensive damage caused due to the tsunami disaster in the television and other media as well as seeing with his own eyes during a tour of the affected areas in Sri Lanka.

As a devout follower of the Buddha Dhamma and Buddhist philosophy he was concerned with the damage caused to Buddhist temples which helped in spread of the Dhamma and the guidance it gives to people towards the correct path and decided to assist in whatever manner they could to rehabilitate the damaged temples.

The Minister thanked Yong for his magnanimous gesture and said that Sri Lanka would always remember his benevolent act in the spread of the Buddha Dhamma.

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