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Buddhist Fellowship Singapore builds homes for Sri Lankan tsunami victims


Singapore -- The Buddhist Fellowship Singapore has been allocated 6.5 hectares of land by the Sri Lankan government to build 500 homes for tsunami victims. The Tsunami Re-Housing Project in Payagala, Sri Lanka, is estimated to cost $3.5 million.

The Buddhist Fellowship has since applied to the Singapore Red Cross for funding.

The project's chairperson, Angie Monksfield, said: "It was no easy feat but we were heartened by the assistance we received from the government officials. We are proposing to call this the Merlion project given that both countries' icon is the Lion."

"I believe that we are the first group in Singapore to be allocated such a large plot of land for a Tsunami re-housing project and we are very proud to be doing this on behalf of the people of Singapore for the people of Sri Lanka," she added.

She led a team of 7 professionals on a second trip to Sri Lanka from February 10-15 for the Tsunami Re-Housing Project.

The team met the Minister of Urban Development and Water Supply, Dinesh Gunawardena, and visited the allocated site to ensure that the land was suitable and accessible by road and the development would have access to water and electricity facilities.

A local Sri Lankan team will be appointed to undertake the architectural and engineering work and project management alongside Singaporean specialists.

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