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Relief continues to pour in for tsunami victims

KAALtv, March 2, 2005

Rochester, Texas (USA) -- It's been over three months since the tsunami devastation in Southeast Asia. The local Buddhist community in Rochester has been feeling the aches and pains of the loss and repair.

But some folks who have family in the affected areas say that each day is one step closer to recovery.

There has been a huge amount of effort around the world for the tsunami relief and the Buddhist Support Society has been working hard to bring those efforts from our area back to Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, area middle school students are also doing their part to help tsunami victims.

Ellis Student Council Advisor, Eric Vaughn, says students from Ellis, Banfield, and Southgate came together and brought donations totaling $2,024.20, to be donated to the Red Cross.

Among the fundraising methods were a day when students paid a dollar or more to wear a hat to school, and a day when the staff paid a dollar or more to dress casually.

Elaine Hansen, Executive Director of the Red Cross came to accept the donation and told students their gift was generous and important.

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