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Realizing our interconnectedness

by Quinton Wilkins, Jr, Boston, USA

I have been thinking about this disaster almost every day. I don't want to forget the spiritual and humanitarian lessons. I pray that all beings who have perished be at ease, be at peace, and will be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha where there is no suffering, not even the word 'suffering'.

I hope all people realize their interconnectedness with our brothers and sisters in Asia. This event has made me work harder in practicing the Dharma and seeing the impermanence of life.

The survival stories are amazing as well as the resolute, diligent compassion of the Buddhist monks and nuns assisting the lay people. I hope that Americans will reflect on this disaster very much and continue to offer prayers and material aid.

When I think about my personal troubles, I stop and remember this disaster and I am immediately put in a mood of gratitude.

May all the surivors and families be well, happy, and peaceful and free from fear. May they recover and gain prosperity.

May they resolve to help others, practice Dharma intensely and prepare for any eventuality.

May all the grief-stricken remember the Buddha and the story of the mustard seed.

May all people, regardless of religion or creed, be safe from future harm and suffering and extend true lovingkindness and great, uncontrived compassion to all!

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