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Vesak Poetry The Prince

by Tis-a-small-world, The Buddhist Channel, May 28, 2010

One day in the woods of Lumbini
Under a Sal tree
A prince was born
To a noble queen

His arrival rejoiced
All beings: flowers, trees
Berries, birds, animals
And gods above!

The Prince was named “Siddhartha”
The one who achieves endeavor
Led a life with extravagance
In his castle filled with everything 

One day he went
To the outside world
Mixed with all colors
Far from his castle

He saw an old man first
An ailing next
Then a corpse
And lastly an ascetic 

Astonished by what he saw
Distressed with life
He departed from his castle
In search of noble truth

After six arduous years
He found noble truth
Attained Nirvana
Under a Bo tree

He was called Buddha
The enlightened one
Founded a great philosophy
Called Buddhism

He travelled everywhere
Teaching his doctrines and showing compassion
To everyone high and low
Nobles, outcastes, criminals and prostitutes
45 years later
In the woods of Kusinara
Under a Sal tree
He uttered his final words

“All composite things pass away,
Strive for your liberation with diligence”
And attained Parnirvana!

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