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Boy creates Vesak lantern with 1000 bulbs

By Kusal Chamath, Daily Mirror, 26 May 2010

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- A 14 -year -boy of Samagi Mawatha Angulana is making a large Vesak lantern depicting a Jataka story for the 3rd year.

It is adorned with his own paintings pertaining to the story. A grade 9 student of De Soyza Navodaya Vidyalaya Subash Manju Rodrigo said he conceived the idea of making Vesak lanterns depicting the Jathaka stories after listening to the sermons preached by Buddhist monks, He said his Vesak lantern last year comprising the lantern and 20 branch lanterns was made with eakles from coconut tree leafs.

“I started to make the Vesak lantern six months ago. It will be illuminated with 1000 bulbs and moved around by using five motors. My parents and my brother are helping me. My father has provided the money. However my Vesak lantern will be on display for a week free of charge to encourage other children to embark on similar endeavours in promoting arts and crafts.”

His father Sudath Manjula said he had spent about Rs.200, 000 on the Vesak lantern and that it was with great difficulty that he had found the money.

“My son has a flair for arts and crafts, but the economic constraints do not permit it. However, I appreciated his skills and managed to spend for the Vesak lantern which is a marvellous creation when compared to other Vesak lanterns funded with public contributions. My son is a talented boy who learns Kandyan dancing as well.” he said.

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