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Residents barred from listening to Dhamma (Buddhist teaching) in Mandalay

by Chan Mon, Independent Mon News Agency, September 12, 2007

Mandalay, Myanmar -- Alarmed over a statement by an underground association of monks that they would stage a demonstration, authorities in Mandalay the second largest city of Burma (Myanmar) stopped people from listening to the Dhamma (Buddhist teaching).

Traditionally residents in the city observe 'Buddha day' in the town quarter in rotation during the three months of Buddhist lent.Sayardaw Ashin U Kawthala, the famous monk in Mandalay was to speak on Buddha's teachings.

"Yesterday we were not allowed to attend the teachings to honour Buddha.  People in the town are terribly upset and unhappy because they were not permitted to listen to Buddha's teachings," a resident said.

The authorities restricted to people's movement to monasteries yesterday
due to a statement by an underground monk association, Sangha Thanmaggi that they will protest.

However there was no protest by monks yesterday. But some monks traveled around the city in cars at about 10 p.m. last night, eyewitness said.

A rumour spread that the monks would stage a protest on September 17 if the government does not apologize to the monks for its actions on them in Pakokku.

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