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Monk group urges peaceful protest

by Aye Nai, Democratic Voice of Burma, Jan 2, 2008

Rangoon, Burma -- The All-Burmese Monks Alliance called on the people of Burma to support their struggle against the regime, but stressed that they should not use violence, in a statement issued yesterday.

The statement urged monks to continue with their boycott of the Burmese regime, and said that if monks and the general public work together, they can bring an end to the country’s humanitarian problems.

“If the public and monks join forces, we can resolve all our problems,”
the statement said.

“We vow to continue with the boycott until every monk and political
prisoner is released.”

However, the group rejected the use of violence to achieve its goals.

“We must take responsibility for our own future, but avoid all violence,”
the statement said.

Monks have been targeted in raids and arrests since their involvement in the September protests.

In response to the government’s violent crackdown on these demonstrations, many monks have refused to accept alms from government officials and supporters, and called for a boycott of government-run monk examinations.

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