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The Burma Campaign UK: Demonstrate solidarity with the Burmese people

The Buddhist Channel, Sept 26, 2007

With a democracy uprising taking place in Burma, the most significant events in Burma in 20 years, you may have been wondering why you have not heard from the Burma Campaign UK.

We are a small organisation, and we have been working round the clock getting information out of Burma, briefing journalists, helping them get in to Burma, and doing media interviews. In the last 48 hours alone we have had almost 500 enquires from journalists in more than 20 countries.
Media are coming to us because we have excellent sources in the country, and can provide analysis of what is going on. The fact that we can do this is down to the financial support our supporters have given us to set up networks and build contacts.
Through the media we have been calling for international action, and governments are responding. We called on governments to warn the regime that a violent response is unacceptable. We have also been calling for stronger action by the British government.
Today the British government has responded positively to our calls for action. Please read the Prime Minister's statement at: <http://www.number10.gov.uk/output/Page13312.asp>
However, while they now agree there needs to be action, they have not yet taken any.
As you can imagine, as a small organisation we are overwhelmed with the number of media enquiries we are getting, but we believe that ensuring the world knows what is going on, and, through the media, pressuring the international community to act, must be our top priority.  We will update our website and send email updates as often as possible.
We hope to be posting new actions on our website soon, asking to you to write to the British Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister. See: <http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/crackdown.php>
We would like to ask for your financial support at this critical time. The current crisis is placing a strain on our resources, and we don’t want to be held back from providing maximum support at this critical time simply because of a lack of funds. Please visit our site to make a donation. <http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/donate.html> or call 020 7324 4714 to make a donation by credit card over the phone.
Our friends in Burma are hopeful that they could be nearing the end of their repression, but they also fear a brutal crackdown from the regime. International support is more important than ever.

Demonstrate in solidarity with the Burmese people

The Burmese Community in London are holding a demonstration outside the Burmese Embassy in London every day from 12-1pm.
Please show your support if you can.

Embassy of the Union of Myanmar

Nearest tube: Green Park

For campaigns and actions in other countries, please check here:
< http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/links.html >

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