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Statement of Support by the Brazilian Buddhist Collegiate (CBB)

The Buddhist Channel, Sept 28, 2007

It is with great concern that the Brazilian Buddhist Collegiate comes to the public to comment the recent events happening in Burma (Myanmar), where thousands of Buddhists monks and nuns are doing a peaceful protest against the governing military junta of that country.

According to the press, monks and nuns have taken to the streets of the capital Yangon and other cities, chanting Sutras, including the Metta Sutta that emphasizes love and compassion to all living beings. What had started with a few dozens now has become one of the major public manifestations in its history, however with a unique difference: holding hands with compassion, the monks are asking the population not to get involved or do aggressive acts against the government, so the people do not get hurt.

Now the government repression and violence has began against the monks, six of the main temples in the capital have been surrounded by the army, and many monks are being beaten, jailed and a few assassinated.

The CBB urges all Buddhists and sympathizers of our religion, as well as members of all religious denominations to support those brave representatives of theDharma , whom have taken upon themselves the responsibility to protest against the atrocities against the population. Such a support might come in many ways, from protests and letters to their own government and to the international community at large to the simple and needed player to the Burmese people, its government and our brothers and sisters in the monastic community, so the situation can be resolved through non-violence as has taughtSiddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.

At this moment, in face of great tension and oppression, the Burmese monks keep following the teaching of the Tathagata, holding compassion and selflessness to the last consequences, which we hope to be the most serene from the Burmese government.

We wait the unfolding of events, but we urge everyone not to abstain, nor turn their backs from the situation, as the lives of those monastics depend of the international pressure; and to do so we need to make our voices heard, be it by email to the Embassies of U.S., Thailand, China, European Union, Russia, etc., as well as the Itamaraty (the Brazilian Foreign Relations Ministry) and the Brazilian media.

The CBB counts with representatives of Theravada Buddhism in its Board of Directors and Consulting Counsel whom will try to keep us informed of the unfolding of events.

Brazilian Buddhist Collegiate
(Colegiado Buddhista do Brasil)

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