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Myanmar: An Appeal by Soto Zen Buddhism of Japan

October 1, 2007

Mr Thein Sein
Acting Prime Minister of the Union of Myanmar

In a series of actions by the Myanmar government, the lives of monks in that country, as well as those of the general public, who participated in demonstrations have been harmed and taken away. Even the pagodas and monasteries which are the cornerstones of religious belief have been destroyed and this has taken a toll on tat country's people. In addition, the life of a Japanese journalist has also been taken.

How can the use of force bring about a resolution to these problems? This will only deprive people of the right to live as well as take away the value of human life.

Buddhism is a religion that hopes for and seeks peace. It highly esteems the life of each human being. It honors and maintains the precept of "Do not take life" and can never sanction the actions of the Myanmar government.

We live according to the teachings of Buddhism. As Buddhists, we strongly protest these tragic actions that have grossly ignored and trampled irreplaceable human life.

Here, regardless of whatever purposes the Myanmar government may have, we will adamantly oppose these actions, which victimize the people of Myanmar sacrificing the preciousness of human life. We express our request that the Myanmar government will immediately work for a peaceful solution.


Rev. Fuchi Eitoku
President, Administrative Headquarters of Soto Zen Buddhism

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