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An Appeal to all Bhikkhu Sangha by Karen Monk Union

The Buddhist Channel, Oct 8, 2007

The most venerable all Bhikkhu Sangha of all sects of Union of Myanmar.

The Pattanikujjhana Sangha kamma done by you is in accordance with Vinaya Pitaka. All Bhikkhu Sangha of the seven States (all ethnic minority Sangha) also support you very strongly. All you have to do is to go ahead only.

At present, as the army has also started to divide among themselves, the divisional army chief of middle region division, General Ko Ko (Bogyut Ko Ko) has expressed on 25/9/07 that the father of the army is not Cr. Gen Than Shwe, but Late. Bogyut Aung San only. Therefore, he has requested the army not to follow the command given by Cr. Gen. Than Shwe.

1,037 Bhikkhu Sangha and over 8000 people from Kyondoe town, 578 Bhikkhu Sangha and over 1000 people from Kyaikdon region and 758 Bhikkhu Sangha and over 1000 people from Phah-pya region in Karen state have also been staging on the street in support to your righteous struggle.

It is sure to succeed if we, all monks of 9 sects of Myanmar Bhikkhu Sangha, are united and have four dominating factors ( Sandadhipati - will, Viriyadhipati - Effort, Cittadhipati - consciousness and Vimansadhipati - Wisdom).

From truth to success.
Karen Monk Union

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