Fighting World Hunger The Buddhist Way: Walk to Feed the Hungry with Buddhist Global Relief

by Shelby Pope, KQED Food, October 9, 2015

San Francisco, CA (USA)
-- In 2007, Bhikkhu Bodhi was disenchanted with a growing trend he saw in the American Buddhism community. The Theravada Buddhist monk, the author of several influential translations of Buddhist texts, was happy that Buddhism was growing and becoming popular in the US, but he was troubled with what he saw as the community’s emphasis on self-fulfillment at the expense of empathy for the greater world–Buddhism in a vacuum, essentially.  More

Founder of Lao Buddhist Sangha, Venerable Dr. Phramaha Phong Samaleuk passes away at 100

The Buddhist Channel, Oct 13, 2015

Vientiane, Laos -- The founder of Lao Buddhist Sangha, the Most Venerable Dr.Phramaha Phong Samaleuk, who is also the President of Lao Buddhist Fellowship Organization and of Wat Ongtue Mahavihara has passed away at the age of 100 years and 6 months, at 5.11 pm, October 7, 2015.  More

Japan Survey: 12,000 Buddhist temples lack resident monks

By TAKUMI OKADA, AJW/Asahi, October 11, 2015

Tokyo, Japan -- More than 12,000 temples in Japan currently have no resident monk, an absence that could lead to the further demise of these traditional centers of local communities, an Asahi Shimbun survey showed.  More

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