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The Dalai Lama Says Buddhist Culture Most Important to Him

by Ashwini Bhatia, Associated Press, Oct 10, 2015

DHARMSALA, India --  The Dalai Lama said Saturday he considered it most important to preserve the Buddhist culture that has helped the Tibetan people live together even in exile.


The Seventeen Pandits of Nalanda Monastery

by James Blumenthal, Info-Buddhism.com, Oct 8, 2015

Much controversy has been stirred with the establishment of the "new" Nalanda University in Bihar, India. Heavily criticized for neglecting Buddhism, just how much of it has been diverted from the original Nalanda U? Prof James Blumenthal gives a run down on the luminaries that made the original Nalanda one of the greatest learning center in the world.

Oregon, USA -- Nalanda Monastic University was the greatest center of Buddhist learning in India’s glorious past. With upwards of 30,000 monks and nuns including 2,000 teachers living, studying and practicing there during its heyday, Nalanda was unmatched.


Mistreatment of Buddha Iconographies across the Globe

by Emi Hailey Hayakawa, BTN, Sept 28, 2015

Seoul, South Korea -- With the increasing popularity of Buddhism and Zen culture across the globe, especially in the West, there had been a surge of interest in Buddhist iconographies and statues.


How an Economist Wrecked the Nalanda Revival

by Sandeep Balakrishna, India Facts, Aug 30, 2015

This is a translation of the original essay by S.R. Ramaswamy that appeared in the September 2015 issue of the Kannada monthly, Utthana. Translated by Sandeep Balakrishna.

New Delhi, India -- Nalanda University was established as an university of eminence in Bihar during the period when both Sanatana Dharma and Buddhism were at their peak. It provided free accommodation and fee-less ( free ) education to all those interested in pursuing knowledge.


Climate Change is a Moral Issue

by Bhikkhu Bodhi, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 2, 2015

A Buddhist Reflection on the Pope’s Climate Encyclical, Laudato si’

On June 18, Pope Francis issued an encyclical letter, Laudato si’ (Praised Be), “On Care for our Common Home,” pointing to climate change as the overriding moral issue of our time.


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