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World largest jade Guanyin statue to be erected in Fujian, China

Xinhuanet, Jan 8, 2006

FUZHOU, China -- The world largest jade statue of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy in Buddhist legend, will be erected in the city of Zhangzhou, east China's Fujian Province.


Mount Wutai Buddhist Nuns Gather on Tiananmen Square

By Zhao Zifa and Ji Jian, Epoch Times Seattle Staff, Jan 5, 2006

Beijing, China -- On December 18, 2005, more than twenty Buddhist nuns and their abbot from Mount Wutai, one of the four holy lands for Chinese Buddhism, appeared on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Their short-lived gathering there almost triggered an arrest action by the police.


First Vietnamese pagoda inaugurated in Japan

VNA, Jan 2, 2006

Saitama Province, Japan -- A Buddhist pagoda, the first of overseas Vietnamese in Japan, was inaugurated in Koshigaya city, Saitama province, on the first day of 2006.


Shaolin Kung fu fights for fame in hi-tech era

China Daily, Dec 31, 2005

Songshan Mountain, China -- Twenty-three years ago, Chinese martial arts skills mesmerized the world with the movie "Shaolin Temple" featuring kung fu performer Jet Li, with a plot of 13 martial monks saving Li Shimin a famous Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) emperor.


Taiwan Buddhist group builds houses in tsunami-hit nations

The Jakarta Post, Dec 24, 2005

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A Taiwan Buddhist group has built more than 4,000 houses for tsunami survivors in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the group said on Saturday.


Famen Temple holds ceremony for returned Sarira from South Korea

Xinhuanet, Dec 21, 2005

XI'AN, China -- After 40-day enshrinement in the Republic of Korea (ROK), the Buddhist finger Sarira returned to Famen Temple where the relic was discovered 18 years ago. About 1,000 Buddhists from China and the ROK held a grand receiving ceremony at the temple on Wednesday.


Buddhist Monk Arrested For Growing Marijuana

by Yvonne Lee - All Headline News Staff Reporter, December 7, 2005

Tokyo, Japan -- Police arrested a Buddhist monk Wednesday for growing marijuana near the Eikoji shrine in Japan.


Actor Jet Li unveils plans of charity for the needy

China View, Dec 5, 2005

BEIJING, China -- Kung fu movie star Jet Li plans to set up a charitable fund to raise money from the public to help the needy, he told students during a lecture at Fudan University yesterday.


Damaged scripture hard to restore

By Jiang Zhuqing, China Daily, Nov 28, 2005

Beijing, China -- A precious Buddhist scripture, damaged when a cracked heating pipe flooded the basement archive of the Beijing Culture Palace of Nationalities, is hard to "restore to its original state," the Beijing News daily reported recently.


Tibet's mountain gods have a way of preserving nature

NewScientist.com, November 24, 2005

Lhasa, Tibet -- Conservationists have reason to be grateful to the Tibetan god Kawa Karpo. Places that Tibetan Buddhists revere as the dwelling places of deities nurture more types of plant species than nearby unhallowed ground.


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