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Cracked hot water pipe drenches priceless books

By Jiang Zhuqing, China Daily, Nov 17, 2005

Beijing, China -- A cracked heating pipe which flooded archives at the Beijing Culture Palace of Nationalities on Tuesday caused "uncountable losses," the palace's director said.


Buddhist priest embezzles 13 million yen from followers

Mainichi Shimbun, Nov 14, 2005

MATSUDO, Chiba (Japan) -- The 71-year-old head priest of a Zen Buddhist temple here misappropriated at least 13 million yen that followers supplied for a new temple building, it has emerged.


Buddhism brings out the best in actors

Taipei Times, Oct 29, 2005

Taipei, Taiwan -- The power of religion can never be underestimated. Jet Li and diva-turned-housewife Brigitte Lin, both absent from the local celebrity scene for years, jointly attended a Buddhist ceremony at Dhama Drum Mountain last Friday.


Ban slaughter of birds at markets: Buddhist group

By Ko Shu-ling, Taipei Times, Oct 28, 2005

Taipei, Taiwan -- A religious group called on the government yesterday to ban the slaughter of chickens at wet markets in a bid to prevent an outbreak of bird flu.


Japanese group helps restore Chinese World Heritage caves

Japan Today, Oct 24, 2005

GIFU, China --  A Japanese group has donated 12 million yen to a Chinese-led project to restore UNESCO's World Heritage caves in Dunhuang County in Gansu Province, the group's head said Monday.


Tzu Chi sends relief team to help Pakistani quake victims

Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Oct 19, 2005

Taipei, Taiwan -- A 15-member relief team organized by the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation arrived in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, on Oct. 19 to join relief operations for the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck the northern regions of Pakistan on Oct. 8.


Dharma Drum Mountain opens World Center for Buddhist Education

By To Lee, The China Post, Oct 21, 2005

Taipei, Taiwan -- After 16 years of resource gathering and construction, the Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) World Center for Buddhist Education in Taipei County will be inaugurated today.


Tzu Chi aid to U.S. hurricane victims tops US$3 million

ReliefWeb, Oct 20, 2005

Taipei, Taiwan -- The Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation's relief efforts for the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina that struck several U.S. states in late August are still ongoing, and as of mid-October, its financial assistance to the evacuees in 11 states has surpassed US$3 million.


China's Buddhist Relics to be Exhibited in South Korea

CRIENGLISH.com, Oct 19, 2005

Beijing, China -- Chinese Buddhist relics will be exhibited in South Korea from November 11 as a form of religious offering.


Buddhist Monks Attend Business School In Shanghai

Bernama, Oct 10, 2005

SHANGHAI, China -- Buddhist monks, long regarded as seclusive and irrelevant to secular matters, are joining white-collar workers in this cosmopolitan city in a business school for MBA courses, the Xinhua news agency reported Monday.


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