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Ethics and the non-religious essence of Buddhism

By Rohana R. Wasala, Lanka Web, December 16, 2014

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Ethics is essential for religion, but religion is not essential for ethics. In other words, although religion cannot do without ethics, ethics can do without religion. The religious will challenge this statement, but the non-religious will have no difficulty in agreeing with it. For the average readers, it may be a confusing, contradictory assertion by someone who has no clear understanding of what he or she is talking about.


Cananonizing a Saint May Not Be Saintly After All

By Kalinga Seneviratne, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 17, 2014

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Pope Francis is due to make a three-day visit to Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka with the highlight of the visit being the canonization of Joseph Vaz, an Indian born 17th century Catholic missionary who spent most of his life in Sri Lanka to help Catholics persecutedby the island’s Dutch rulers at the time.


Buddhism In China: Zen And Now

Free Press Journal Bureau, Nov 15, 2014

Kolkata, India -- An exhibition of priceless Indian Buddhist Art that the Indian Museum in Kolkata has put together for display all over Asia is a reminder that Buddhism is becoming the new Communism – the ideology through which governments seek to make friends and influence people.


China re-discovers priceless value of Buddhism

by Senaka Weeraratna, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 10, 2014

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- In as much as two global religions Christianity and Islam are given leadership today by powerful countries based in the West and Middle East respectively, the time has come for the oldest of the three global religions namely Buddhism to be backed by a powerhouse to dispel the widely circulated myth that it is a weak religion sustained by relatively weaker countries in Asia despite Buddhism’s unmatched contributions to the sustaining of world peace, unqualified respect for the natural environment including reverence for the lives of all living beings and promotion of Ahimsa and non-violence as the basis of resolution of conflict.


How Would the Buddha Handle North Korea? Mindfulness in diplomacy

by Seok-Hyun Hong, The Huffington Post, Oct 24, 2014

Seoul, South Korea -- Today's diplomacy is dysfunctional, and it seems as if the more we try to fix things without negotiations, the more serious the problems become. Recently the challenges in places like Iraq or Syria have grown so dire that we have to wonder whether we simply have the fundamentals wrong.


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