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Buddha's compassion

by Robert Sandoey

Aalesund, Norway -- Buddha's compassion be with you all.


Wish for a peaceful journey

by T'angong

Toronto, Ontario -- May all those whose lives were lost in this latest disaster have a peaceful journey in the intermediate state and may they find themselves in the next, securely on the path to enlightenment, free from all suffering.


Namu Kanzeon Bossatsu

by Thiago Andrade, Brazil


Realizing our interconnectedness

by Quinton Wilkins, Jr, Boston, USA

I have been thinking about this disaster almost every day. I don't want to forget the spiritual and humanitarian lessons. I pray that all beings who have perished be at ease, be at peace, and will be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha where there is no suffering, not even the word 'suffering'.


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