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Christians lure Thai Buddhists with "gifts"

By Connie Levett, Sydney Morning Herald Correspondent, December 24, 2005

Nam Khem, Thailand -- THERE will be a new sound in Nam Khem on Sunday, as a swelling band of converts heads to church on Christmas Day for the first time.


Villagers see amulets as tsunami shields

by WASSAYOS NGAMKHAM, Bangkok Post, Dec 23, 2005

Even foreigners ask for them when they come to the temple

Phuket, Thailand -- They might not be sophisticated or high-tech, but villagers are putting their faith in simple, hand-made amulets to shield them from the next killer tsunami.


Temple nets RM211,000 (US$ 57,027) for CANCER fund

BY CHRISTINA TAN, The Star, December 19, 2005

Malacca, Malaysia -- THE Seck Kia Eenh temple in Malacca has collected more than RM211,000 (US$ 57,027) for its Cancer Fund from the sale of lotus shaped candles during its recent grand mass blessing ceremony.


Buddhist Church of Thai Nguyen province holds first Congress

VNA, Dec 22, 2005

Thai Nguyen, Vietnam -- The Buddhist Church of northern Thai Nguyen province elected a 22-member executive board for the 2005-2010 term at its first congress in Thai Nguyen city on Dec. 22.


Worship when you want

by Chatrarat Kaewmorakot, The Nation, Dec 18, 2005

Bangkok, Thailand -- One city temple’s flexi-hours have proved a big draw to the time-challenged, and authorities hope to see others follow suit. Bangkok’s Wat Suthat Thepwararam is one of the few city temples that is crowded most evenings, thanks to its flexi-hours that cater to residents who are pressed for time. From 7am to 9pm, it has become an increasingly popular place for those who come to pray, hear sermons and meditate after a stressful day at work.


Amulets in Bangkok

By DANIELLE PERGAMENT, New York Times, December 18, 2005

Bangkok, Thailand -- You'll know you've arrived at the Ta Prachan market when before you unfurls a street lined with thousands of figurines, Buddhas and monks the size of Thumbelina, a child's army of religious icons.


10,000 devotees seek blessing at cancer fund ceremony

BY LEE YUK PENG, The Star, Dec 12, 2005

Malacca, Malaysia -- MORE than 10,000 Buddhist devotees lit up lotus candles seeking health and happiness at the grand mass blessing ceremony on Friday night while contributing to the depleting Seck Kia Eenh Cancer Fund.


A taste of life in the monastery

By LIM CHIA YING, The Star, December 10, 2005

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A GROUP of children aged between eight and 14 years had their first taste of monastery life recently when they participated in the Buddhist Novitiate programme organised by Ti-Ratana Buddhist Society.


Guiding the departed's consciousness to a better place

The New Straits Times, Dec 11, 2005

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- The sonorous drone of a handbell struck at intervals with a small rod accompanies the chants of "Namo Amitabha Buddha" by a group of Buddhist volunteers dressed in black robes. They are at a wake.


Monks fear water polluted

by WASSAYOS NGAMKHAM, Bangkok Post, Dec 6, 2005

Stored bodies may have poisoned well

Phangnga, Thailand -- Almost one year after the tsunami disaster monks at Wat Yan Yao in Takua Pa district, where thousands of tsunami victims' corpses had been kept for post-mortems and identification, still fear the well water being used by the temple is contaminated with fluids released by rotting bodies.


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