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The Buddhist Channel Affiliation Guideline

Updated August 21, 2006

An organization / appointed party affiliated to the Buddhist Channel (herein called as BC) shall have exclusive access to respective systems and tools developed by the BC and to be used for the promotion of news and information in relation to Buddhist development and Buddhism in general.

The BC Affiliation program is extended on an “invitation basis” only, and will allow the affiliated party to disseminate news and information for a designated area/region/sector/category.

To ensure that the mission and integrity of the Buddhist Channel is consistently and continuously safeguarded, the extant and modus operandi of the affiliation program shall be defined and limited as follows:

Facilities Offered for Affiliation

1) The Buddhist Channel (BC) will formalize an affiliation with the [Organization], which will enable the [Organization] to enjoy the following facilities:

a) Exclusive arrangement to broadcast Buddhist related news for [region/sector/category]. Should any other parties from that particular [region/sector/category] wish to place announcement of events, bulletins and / or any other general news in relation to that territory of [region], or for a particular news sector/category, they will be referred to the administrator appointed by the [Organization].

b) The BC will provide one User ID and Password to the [Organization], of which a person shall be nominated by the [Organization] to hold this access key. The access key shall allow the person to enter the content management system where he/she shall be able to create, edit and delete information pertaining to the category marked as "[region]" only. The appointed administrator shall not have access to other content parts found within the site/system.

c) This facility shall be open in good faith to the [Organization] for as long as the terms and obligation for affiliations defined in (3) below is maintained.

d) The [Organization] shall be recognized as an "Affiliation of the Buddhist Channel" and shall be duly acknowledged in the BC's website.

2) As an affiliated member, the [Organization] shall be given a web page which will enable it to have the following privileges:

a)      A distinctive banner for the respective [region/sector/category].


b)      The BC shall undertake to design and implement this webpage for the [Organization]


c)      On this page, the [Organization] shall have the right to decide the placement of content type, frequency and other information bits such as images, links and adverts.


d)      The [Organization] shall have the right to solicit for donation through this site, of which it shall have the privilege to keep. However, should the [Organization] decide to remit a portion of the donation to the BC, we will be very grateful.


Terms of Affiliation

3) This affiliation is made at the pleasure of the Buddhist Channel and is on invitation basis only. We welcome any party that subscribes to the BC's general mission and objective to cover:

a)      All mainstream Buddhist lineage, schools and traditions without prejudice and discrimination (unless such groups are listed as cults or deviants, a list which the BC has and monitors intermittently).


b)      To assist in the development of Buddhist information, content dissemination and distribution with the aim of making the Buddha Dharma accessible for public consumption freely and without charge.


c)      To promote not only Free Speech but also to cultivate Right Speech and to develop Buddhist content in the spirit of "Free Inquiry" as stipulated in the Kalama Sutta.


d)      Affiliated parties shall not host content that contradicts Buddhist teachings, demean the Dharma and Sangha members, and the following are explicitly disallowed: pornography, hate speech, racism, graphic violence, vice, gambling and / or any content that promotes the trading of flesh, poison and ammunitions.

Please note that should an affiliation contravenes with any one of the above, the BC’s administrators shall have the sole right to review its status and shall decide on an appropriate action accordingly.

All references, terms and conditions stipulated in this Affiliation Guideline are subject to revision and updates by the BC’s administrators.


To apply for the affiliation program, please submit your information here >>

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