Dalai Lama to help Kapur in making ?The Buddha?

ANI, January 11 2006

Washington, USA -- Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama is reportedly so impressed with movie-maker Shekhar Kapur's biopic about him, that he has extended help to the director in making the multi-million dollar film.

The Buddhist religious head has asked his assistants to assist Kapur, who even met the Nobel laureate in 2004 to take his permission to turn his life story into a film and gather information as part of his research on the subject, in the making of "The Buddha", a 120 million dollar venture that will detail the life, times and teachings of the fountainhead of Buddhism, reports Contactmusic.

Kapur is expected to pay tribute to the Dalai Lama by creating his movie double using computer generated images, rather than ask an actor to play him.