Mahamakut Buddhist University to make film on Tripitaka

Thaisnews, Dec 23, 2006

Bangkok, Thailand -- Mahamakut Buddhist University will be producing a motion picture on the Tipitaka as a means for people to truly understanding the principles of Buddhism. The film will also be also be presented for His Majesty the King.

Mahamakut Buddhist University organized a meeting on the motion picture project which was chaired by Somdej Phuttajarn together with 500 Buddhist monks and other concerned parties.

The film will inform the audience that Buddhism is the grass-root foundation of the Thai society since ancient times, and it will promote education on Buddhism as society has been transformed due to many factors.

1,250 portions of the Pali language will be translated into Thai language, and there will be 250 episodes both in VCD and DVD formats. They will be distributed to temples and institutes free of charge on the auspicious occasion to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne and His 80th Birthday next year.

However, the motion picture committee has currently finished the first 20 episodes and 20 of filming scenes. The Lord Buddha and his disciples will be selected from the 882 casts.