Buddha film by Anna Wilding gifted to Princess Anne in New Zealand

The Buddhist Channel, Nov 24, 2008

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand -- Buddha Wild  Monk in a  Hut – the theatrically released feature film  Directed,Produced Written and Presented by Anna Wilding has been gifted to Princess Anne in Person,on her last day in New Zealand by a former Publicity Officer of NZ Save the Children Fund.

The film played in New Zealand at Rialto Cinemas and Hollywood Sumner  with more dates to come.

The film, mainly for adults also scooped an award  in Best Feature Documentary Catagory in the USA for Kids Ages 12-18 .

Anna academy

The Award was Presented to Miss Wilding in October 2008 at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences- Ms Wilding's additional responsibilities included cinematography.Music was by Award wining composer Charles David Denler. The film was shot on location in New Zealand.

Academy and statue

The critically acclaimed feature film,that usually plays to adults, also garnered Critics Pic in LA Weekly and NY Times.   Buddha Wild Monk in a Hut, was  recently selected to launch the Film Center Cinemacafe Film Series in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008 - home of the Santa Fe Film Festival. Spokesperson and Program Director for the Film Center Cinemacafe stated at the time,"We are proud to be showing this beautiful and moving film and praise the filmmakers for their incredible work." Director and Actress Anna Wilding said that she is "honored" Buddha Wild has won a Kids Award .The film was also given the Quality Monker by the American Coalition of Quality Childrens Media.

Ms Wilding stated that" I hope that people will gain a greater insight and understanding into Asian cultures adapting to the West ,the lives of monks throughout Asia and the South Pacific and the rest of the world, and a greater understanding of ourselves and a way to living in harmony with the world and enviroment around us."

The film has been praised by critics for its " well judged mix of seriousness and humour"

The film has been selected for numerous festivals and screenings throughout Canada,India and the USA.Including Tibet House NY, Screen Actors Guild Series USA, National Academy of Arts and Sciences USA, the Academy Libraries and formal Oscar qualification ,Calgary Film Series, World Earth Week 2007, Indian International  Festival of  Films on Tribal Arts and Culture,The Kids First Film Festival (sponsered by HBO,Paramount,Universal,Fox,Sony,Dicovery,Starz). The film has been selected for mainstream art house  releases with more to follow.To date these include Laemmle's Los Angeles, Santa Fe New Mexico, and Rialto and Hollywood Cinemas New Zealand.The film is now available to USA and Canadian audiences on  Amazon.com

Anna Wilding latest feature script,Counterswirl,was recently selected for  the 2008  Film Market in Canada,which took place after Toronto.

Ms Wilding has  been inivted to speak on many panels and corporate and industry panels throughout the world.

Recently Wilding was the guest spotlight speaker on an industry environmental,humanities driven panel at the American Pavillion in Cannes Film Festival 2008. She was also a key note guest speaker for World Earth Week 2007

Buddha Wild" by Ms Wilding, has been called "beautiful" by Moving Pictures Magazine2008, and "a must see film" by Splash Magazine 2008. It garnered critics pick in LA Weekly Magazine 2007, and Union Jack Newspapers said, "Anna Wilding Captures Our attention." Moonrise Movies Magazine in Canada said it was "Worth a look. A delightfully sweet and accurate and a fine film for family viewing."Ms Wilding combined with Rialto Cinemas Australia(New Zealand) to give the proceeds from the first public rough cut screenings to the Tsunami Relief Appeal in Thailand.  "Unpretentious," providing an "affectionate glimpse" and a well-judged mixture of "seriousness and humor" into the cultural and monastic lives of missionary monks, the film explores the tenets of Buddhism, celibacy, politics, the role of women in Asian society, cultural life in the South Pacific, and the day-to-day lives of Theravadin monks. "Buddha Wild" has the tag line "Wild to be one with Nature." Ms. Wilding's career spans over a decade in Hollywood, UK and Australia as writer, actress, producer and director. In 2007 Ms Wilding was thanked through her lawyers in New York for her work on all three Lord of the Rings movies by Mark Ordesky, former CEO of New Line