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Let’s not disparage either metta or intentions

by Visakha Kawasaki, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 8, 2007

I write with regards to the letter by Kathryn Ann Steger on "Intentions: Metta or not, here they come!"

Ms. Steger seems to suggest that worms migrate and do so in herds, or communities, which seems dubious, but then maybe they do? Michigan worms usually end up on the sidewalk after herbicides have been applied to the lawns they called home.

In any event, intention is everything in kamma. Indeed intention is kamma. As Kantipalo Bhikkhu once wrote, “Everyone wants happiness! But it too arises conditionally. Now a great producer of happiness is the making of good kamma. What is good about it? It is rooted in non-greed (generosity, renunciation), or in non-hate (loving-kindness, compassion) or finally in non-delusion (wisdom, understanding). The sure way to gain happiness, then, is to make good kamma, as much as possible every day.

It is only people who make a real effort to grow in Dhamma (that is, to make good kamma), who have any chance to succeed in meditation on the path to final liberation.

Whatever one's goal in this life--happiness here and now, a good rebirth in the future, or to end the whole birth and death process by attainment of Nibbana, one cannot go wrong by making good kamma.

And what about those who do not believe in kamma and its fruits? They still make it whether they believe or not! And they get the fruits of the kamma they make, too. But the doing, not the believing, is the important thing.

‘Do good, get good,
do evil, get evil.’”

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