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A poem by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

What is life, after all? I think -
It's a most bizarre madness of nature,
Of elements confusedly concocting body-mind
Still enslaved to instinctual appetites and tastes.

For what, then, does life exist? I opine -
It's for madness fulfillment in Samsara's end
With body calmed, mind cooled, realising Nibbana,
As the ending of dukkha in every possible form.

And what do we do with this life? I believe -
We just stop going crazy over worldly deliciousness,
Releasing it by harmonising the eight path factors,
Each day and every night perfect in Nature's Way.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, December 2003
Translated into English by Santikaro, and published by Sukkhapab Jai.

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