Buddhism without borders

By Gyalsten K Dorji, Kuensel Online, May 3, 2012

Timphu, Bhutan -- An international conference on Buddhism will be held in Bumthang, this month. The conference, organised by the home ministry and the centre for Bhutan studies (CBS), is themed “Buddhism without Borders”, and will see “eminent” Buddhist practitioners, scholars, and academics of the international and local community, attending the event.

“Buddhism in the 21st century has become increasingly globalised, and there is at present a growing international interest in furthering the discussion on the creative and innovative applications of the wealth of Buddhist resources across the spectrum of creative and academic fields including, but not limited to, liberal arts, humanities, social, environmental and economic studies, conflict resolution and mediation methods, medical and cognitive sciences, as well as the ever expanding field of technological advancements,” states a CBS press release.

“The conference will provide an opportunity for creative discussions and shared explorations of these subjects and their application in today’s world amongst a cross section of Buddhist nations and cultural set-ups which it is hoped, will pave the way for key future collaborations,” it adds.

The conference will see its invitees discussing a range of topics ranging from traditional Buddhist motifs to emerging developments in the global Buddhist scenario, for instance, one theme is on “cyber buddhism and the new age Buddhist expression”.

The home ministry and CBS are organising the conference in a continuing effort to promote research, scholarship, dialogue, and a greater understanding of the Buddha dharma, and as a measure to bolster the critical position of Bhutan in the Buddhist world, says the press release.

“This conference is an attempt at broadening the understanding of the basic tenets of Buddhism in collaboration with renowned academics from around the world,” states the press release, adding, “It is hoped that the conference will pave the way in initiating collaboration in the academic understanding of the subject, which will ultimately lead to the promotion of goodwill and cooperation among leading thinkers in promoting widespread understanding and subscription to the values that make for a better world.”

The conference will be held May 21-23.