Kashmir solution thru talks: Dalai Lama

by Hameed Shaheen, Pakistan Observer, Nov 17, 2011

Islamabad, Pakistan -- The patron Buddhists spiritual elder Dalai Lama predicted that the solution to Kashmir dispute would come via “talks” and “understanding”, recalling that Ambaran was the ancient Buddhist site and diverse religions co-existed in Kashmir for centuries.

Dalai Lama’s maiden visit to occupied Jammu Wednesday had sprung many surprises at a crucial time when three countries – Pakistan, China and India – hosting the Kashmir dispute together, are moving simultaneously towards trade and travel rapprochement in the region, a move looking rare against the bloodiest of battles fought in the past.

The Lama, reports say, evaded any direct question regarding Tibet advising media to ask political queries from the politicians only. The major events he went through his day-long visit to occupied Jammu area Akhnoor were opening of a photo exhibition, address to the youth and media interaction.

This elderly Lama had self-exiled himself to India around 1959 and since then is a guest there. The fact that he did not show any high sounding tone towards China despite sharp media pointers is in itself a healthy message. The late Kushuk Bakaula, Dalai Lama’s disciple, remained member of Srinagar assembly for over a decade representing his Ladakhi Buddhist community. Bakaula had under Nehru influence tabled in mid-fifties a strange resolution for economic integration of occupied Kashmir and Ladakh with the east Punjab.

Kashmir circles have welcomed Dalai Lama’s advice over Kashmir issue to settle it through talks and enlarging understanding.