Buddhist University to become medium of service to humanity: Chief minister

TNN Dec 20, 2012

BHOPAL, India -- Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Sanchi Buddhist and Indic Studies University will pave way for world peace by becoming a medium of serving humanity. Chouhan was discussing issues of university's studies, teaching and research with members of the university's advisory committee here on Wednesday.

Chouhan, committee members Gese Semten, Dr Siddheshwar Rameshwar Bhatt, Prof Shrikant Kondapalli, Prof Jiyo Liang, Dr Lokesh Chandra, Prof Mithila Prasad Tripathi, Prof Krishna Bihari Pandey and Nirmala Sharma and principal secretary culture Basant Pratap Singh were present at the meeting.

Chouhan said that dimension of Sanchi Buddhist and Indic Studies University should be such that the institution is able to give new vision and direction for welfare of human beings. He said that scholars from all over the world should be consulted for this. The conclusions drawn from their brainstorming will be implemented by the state government. There will be no paucity of funds for this work.

He said that university's academic session should be started with studies and teaching of Buddhist and Indian philosophies. He said that human values are declining in the indiscriminate race for development. Only Indian philosophy can give a new direction towards prevention of human values' decline.

It was informed during discussions that outlines have been drawn to start teaching work of the university from next academic session. A meeting to this effect will be held in February where decisions about syllabus and teaching activities will be taken.