Buddhist sites draw tourists to Jajpur

TNN, Mar 5, 2016

Kendrapada, India -- A group of French tourists, including noted Buddhist researcher Anne Marie, on Friday visited Buddhist sites at Kaima, Tarapur, Deuli, Radhanagar and Langudi in Jajpur district.

"Not many Buddhist scholars are aware of these untravelled sites. Our visit will be useful to them," said Marie.

The researcher said Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri are world class heritage sites. "The other sites in the district are lying neglected and very few people visit them. The state government should develop these into tourist destinations," she said.

There are no pathways and safe drinking facilities at these sites, Marie said, adding, these are not properly lit up.

"The ancient fortress at Radhanagar resembles the one at Sisupalagarh near Bhubaneswar. It too can be developed into a tourist destination," she said

Marie along with other French tourists also visited Gajaraj Museum established by Dr Nrusingha Sahoo, a noted scholar and principal of Dharmasala College, at Kaima village.

The museum has a rare collection of antique items, old books, journals, rice fossils, terracotta, brass ornaments, musical instruments, weapons, tribal ornaments, coins of 196 countries, currency notes and stamps of 30 princely states, manuscripts, pens, tools and potteries belonging to the stone age and earthen images.