Burmese Buddhist monks share plight with Tibetan exiles

ANI, January 27, 2010

Dharamsala, India -- An 18-member Burmese monks' delegation, which arrived here on a three-day visit, shared their plight with Tibetan exiles here on Tuesday.

"We have few Burmese who are visiting Dharamsala and also with them they have brought a very powerful documentary called Burma VJ. This (the documentary) is about the Burmese monks protest in 2007 and how people inside Burma are struggling for freedom and democracy," said Tenzin Cheoying, a Tibetan activist.

"The Burmese people and the Tibetan people are in same conditions politically because in Burma we have been under dictatorship rule for more than 60 years and Tibetan people are also under occupation of the Chinese government. There are lot of human right violations and our struggle for democracy has not been successful," said Pluto, the coordinator of the Burmese delegation.

The Burmese delegation would visit various Tibetan establishments in and around the town during their visit.

India is home to hundreds of Myanmar nationals, many of them pro-democracy activists.

New Delhi, which has close links to Myanmar, says the generals should pursue national reconciliation and return to democracy but opposes tough measures like sanctions, saying the country should not be isolated.