Tibetan Buddhists end ten days annual prayers near Shimla

ANI, May 7, 2010

Shimla, India -- Hundreds of Tibetan Buddhists monks and other Tibetan exiles took part in the ten-day annual prayers at the Dorjee Dak Monastery located in Pnathagati near Shimla.

These special prayers dedicated to Chenrezing Drupchen (embodiment of compassion) concluded on Thursday.

During the retreat, the Tibetan Buddhist monks offered prayers and recited chants from scriptures round the clock.

Yonten, a young Tibetan Buddhist monk, said that seeking divine blessings for compassion to prevail in the society is the essence of these prayers.

"We are worshipping since 10 days. This is our annual prayer, which we call Chenrezig prayers meaning the Buddha of compassion also known as Avalokiteshvara," said Yonten, a Tibetan monk.

He further spoke about the objective of such prayers.

"We offer fire-offering prayers and offer the eatables to the God of Fire. Then we offer milk, wheat and several other eatables. This is done so that our lives are prolonged, and to remove all our obstacles, such prayers are performed," added Yonten, the Tibetan monk.

On the final day apart from members of the Tibetan community residing in Himachal Pradesh such as Dharamsala, scores of devotees from other places visited the monastery and sought blessings for the mankind.

Special fire prayers were also performed for global peace.