Dalai Lama imparts lessons on Buddhism to Tibetan youth

ANI, June 1, 2010

Dharamsala, India -- Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, is giving introductory lessons on Buddhism to young Tibetans in Dharamsala.

The classes at the Tibetan Children's Village school will be held for two days.he Buddhism Introductory Committee started this practice in 2007 to introduce both young and elderly Tibetans to the fundamental teachings of Buddhism, including the cultural and spiritual values of Tibetan Buddhism.

Dawa Tsering, the organizer of the event said Buddhism is becoming popular the world over.

"All over the world people see something important in our culture and our religion. So they are learning about Tibetan Buddhism. So, why not we, Tibetans, learn about Buddhism," Tsering said.

"That's why, we organize this special teaching for the Tibetan youth since 2007. So this is the 4th year that Dalai Lama is here for giving a special teaching to the Tibetan youth," he added.

Earlier, these teachings used to take place in monasteries, but from this year this practice has been started in various institutions and schools.

According to Tsering, the teachings would help Tibetan youth develop their minds.